Friday, 14 June 2013

Photo Day!

So today was the long anticipated photoshoot day for our costumes. I have been working pretty much constantly for the last week, so that's why I haven't been able to update this blog.

The aim of today was to test out our wigs, makeup, costumes and accessories all together, and make sure that our whole groups' works together. And it did!
We were all very pushed for time, so we took the photos in the courtyard of one of the halls of residence, but I think it looks pretty good!

 photo e498f3d0-a0f3-4565-8ee2-f1c5a98a9682_zpse1952e7f.jpg

It was a hugely successful day. Everyone in my group has done so well and I think everything looks really good.

I'm going to be mean and not post the final photos yet, but here are some sneaky previews.

 photo e83155a4-95f1-4a83-9675-85d4ff207fb4_zps9eef4378.jpg

 photo 5f13b4eb-a766-4138-8ed4-3ad682bfb67a_zps29803505.jpg photo 7c087710-be23-441e-8f78-1ebaf2fece40_zps065ab006.jpg

 photo f6779d8e-c036-4c4c-84bd-7deb3a9e0c2b_zpsfad6d3b8.jpg photo d2c5b55a-588a-4b8a-be70-9d6370391fc1_zpsdbdf1b9f.jpg

 photo 1184ee9c-6f2f-4d06-a01b-e3a5781b6e1f_zps3ea9c923.jpg

There was some larking around and messing about. It was such good fun, and really useful to see it all before the presentation next week.

Models: Lily Brazier, Beg Oz, Grace Fisher
Costumes by: Lucy Calder, Estera Parker, Anam Rahim
Wigs and Makeup by: Jess Goddard, Amy Cuppage, Rosie Bennett 

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