Thursday, 6 June 2013

Madwoman Progress 3

I'm still working away on this project! I have a week and a half until the hand-in, and the end is in sight!

One of the biggest problems I encountered after my previous fitting, was the size and shape of the skirt. I had made paniers and hip pads with gathered net, but something was not right. I ended up buying 10m of net and gathering it, making the largest petticoat I have ever worked with. The hardest part was holding it under the machine. But after a solid day's work, I finally got the shape I wanted.

 photo 6122df56-1da3-4932-9ca5-20afad2e2f0c_zps54ec80c1.jpg photo f6423d35-f35c-4ddd-b6a6-09a704c4dcef_zpsd789f179.jpg

Huge, isn't it? It feels a bit like a duvet. And I tell you, it is a mission to transport. But I am satisfied. It has a really nice trail I think, and hold's it's shape really well while walking.

I had my final fitting today also. I had a few minor issues, but that's what fittings are for, right? The main costume is really shaping up now.

 photo 81d51bbb-7239-408b-a0bc-da226793a941_zps34a79411.jpg photo 246a6c4a-0ba2-481d-bb75-80902fbd10f0_zpsa3b86974.jpg

Hopefully the next time I update on this project, it will be complete!

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