Thursday, 23 May 2013

Madwoman Progress 2

Two posts in two days? How unlike me!
I had a particularly productive day at university today, and thought I had made notable progress. It's really nice to see my whole project coming together. It finally resembles my drawing!

 photo d90a6c93-876f-4e23-804f-a0e41d6ba585_zpsf9ce998e.jpg photo ba2cf12f-5f13-4154-baa3-bbcd4e3d78ba_zps4ffea7e4.jpg

These are some full length photos. I'm still playing around with the sleeve shape.

 photo 5c8dbdf7-2fac-4fc3-8491-b1806bd257ed_zps9487d1db.jpg photo 2d6bac1d-e6c2-4f00-bced-03a5f770ce3d_zps30a43d3b.jpg

And here are some more close ups.

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