Monday, 17 June 2013

The Madwoman of Chaillot - Bonus Characters

Today I handed in all my work for this project. It doesn't feel real. I've spent so long working on this project, and suddenly, it's over! It feels like a weight off my shoulders and I am thoroughly looking forward to sleeping tonight. 

My group's presentation is tomorrow, and after that, I promise I will upload photos of the final costume!
But for now, here are the extra designs I did for the project. Continuing with the same theme. Here they are!

 photo 2e776311-4486-4135-a481-4c5585190752_zps63b2ee36.jpg

 photo af22fbad-00de-4733-8bd3-11d02e536e8d_zps9c6087fe.jpg

 photo e4dacb2e-f137-48dc-8b96-8fcfc63cd918_zpsba4268da.jpg

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