Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Tempest

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Well I've been having a very cultured week haven't I? Not only did I see Macbeth this week, I also saw The Tempest. This time, it was at the Globe Theatre. (All these years of going to the Tate Modern and I never noticed that the Globe was right next to it!)

The theatre had a great atmosphere. There was audience interaction, and it was just all good fun. The way it was done was great also. They acted the original script, with modern mannerisms; making it easily understandable for today's audiences. Therefore, it was incredibly funny. It was a generally fun performance. It only rained a little, and conveniently during the beginning of the play, when there is in fact a storm going on. A bonus was that Colin Morgan was in it as Ariel, for all those Merlin fans.

There is really no excuse for me not to go to the Globe more. It was very cheap (our seats were £15. Yes, SEATS! Standing is only £5!) So I will definitely be going back soon!

I really hope to have my Paris photographs developed soon. Plus I also have my completed design for this term's project!

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