Sunday, 14 April 2013

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Since my internship at Sorapol, I've been pretty inactive. I went home for Easter for two weeks. And when I go home, I get very little done. However, here is what I DID do.

Just before I left, Chark and I went to the preview of 'David Bowie is...' at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was pretty good, I am a big fan of Bowie, so it was really interesting seeing his whole career grouped into a couple of rooms. What I enjoyed was seeing his influences, and getting a bit more context in terms of what was going on at the time, (because obviously, I wasn't alive.) 

After the exhibition, I took the opportunity to explore the V&A. During term time, I don't really get the chance to just look around. I had my sketchbook with me, so I drew this.
 photo moleskin_zps67b81aaa.jpg

I'd pretty much abandoned my moleskin for the last year or so.

While I was home, Game of Thrones came back on TV. I was super excited.
 photo moleskin-1_zps44e0d1b8.jpg

 photo moleskin-2_zpsbd7a5160.jpg

 photo moleskin-3_zpse1d72267.jpg
I had planned to do 12 of these, but I felt that after Catelyn, I was losing it a bit (honestly, what happened to Jon Snow). Maybe I'll pick these up again soon.

I have also for the last week been working on a costume commission. I'm hoping it will be finished soon.

And tomorrow, I start back at uni with the next project. It's a collaboration project for the script 'The Madwoman of Chaillot'. So to research this, my class are going on a trip to Paris next week, exciting!


  1. I replaced Sansa with Dany by accident. She's a Stark now..