Saturday, 8 October 2011

Assessment over!

I am currently sat in bed on my laptop feeling really lazy.
Well, I say I'm lazy, but I'm actually researching for the upcoming fortnight at college.
We're already specialising! It's crazy how fast the diagnostic period went by! It's exciting though to have pick your projects more and produce work that's more personal to you. I'm actually quite sad to be saying goodbye to my Diagnostic class though, I got really attached to some of them!
I had my assessment last week, which meant I had to take all my work in and my tutor would sit infront of me and go through everything and assess me on the first drawing unit. Thankfully, I passed. Surprisingly he was impressed with the critical review I wrote for the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition? I never really thought of myself as a writer, maybe I'll post the review on here at some point if people are interested in reading it?
One of the main points of the tutorial was to chose two subjects to specialise in. It was tough, I would have loved to have studied fashion, but I went for Graphics (so I could do illustration) and Performance Design and Practice (so I could do costume design). I've been put in PDP for the first two weeks and I've just been reading over my project briefs, and they're really exciting! I've just been researching some of the designers they listed, just to get some more info on the kind of work I could produce, and I really think I've chosen the right pathway.

This is a Soundsuit by Nick Cave. His work is really interesting, because he not only makes interesting shapes with his costumes, but he also experiments with different sounds the costumes make when you move around in them.

And this is by Lucy and Bart. I really like their work, it's all abstract representations of the body. So some of the work makes thin people look fat, or muscular, using unusual materials.

Getting so into these projects is just making me so confused as to what I want to specialise in at the end of the year. I thought I was set on illustration, but I am really into PDP right now. My tutor predicted that I'll end up in PDP. Hmmm we shall see.

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