Sunday, 9 February 2014

Learning How to Work

So far, 2014 has been pretty eventful. I'm struggling to believe it is only February, as New Years feels like a lifetime ago, and I can hardly remember what it is like to be a university student. Long hours have meant I haven't been able to write on here often. And if you're wondering what's happened to my cinematic musings (I'm sure you are), they have now been published over at online magazine, Shlur. Over there you can find my pick of films from 2013 and my thoughts on Inside Llewyn Davis.

I've been running around the south east of England on various jobs until my legs cave in and my eyes feel like they're about to melt off my face. This term is our industry placement, where we're allocated five to six weeks to go and find out what it's like to be a real life adult. It turns out that being an adult is hard, especially in the film industry. 80% of my placement was within film making, while the other 20% was spent in a tailors. Typically, as a student, my productivity is very much evening orientated, so suddenly having to get up at 5am every day for a two hour commute felt completely unorthodox.

The trouble with working on films, is that you can't really talk about them. The one I'm currently a part of is a relatively large production which I cannot believe I am involved with, and I'm sure I will be plastering this blog with promo as soon as it's released.

 photo 1888557_10151908146535811_1281178724_n_zps44b5c4eb.jpg photo 1903987_10151908146575811_963662268_n_zps753f8887.jpg

However my first week of placement was spent down in Hastings working on student production, The Dunes. I was the Wardrobe Mistress, which sounds intense, but basically meant that I was managing the costumes during shooting. The film was primarily crewed by students from London College of Communication, and I had an excellent time working with them. I especially enjoyed being down by the sea. I don't get to see the sea very often, so that was a nice bonus.

Normal life at university will resume in the next couple of weeks, and I believe next term's text is Nosferatu, and I cannot wait to get stuck into that.

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