Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I updated this, and I can tell you, I have been very busy.  Since I last wrote on here, I moved to a new place and went straight off on my travels.

Myself and my friend, Freya spontaneously decided a few months ago to go backpacking around Europe. I know this isn't career-relevant, but it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share with you all. (Also, it explains my absence.)

We started in Brussels, and did a loop around Europe, going as far as Croatia.

The route was:
Brussels -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Prague -> Vienna -> Budapest -> Zagreb ->Ljubljana -> Venice -> Munich -> Brussels

 photo 1384201_10151671833985811_862343795_n_zps1761f07a.jpg photo 1378787_10151671833665811_1422500090_n_zps386f62b0.jpg photo 1379272_10151671833545811_1985831966_n_zpsf254cb73.jpg

 photo 1384060_10151671833700811_359442103_n_zps5ab4da39.jpg photo 1384373_10151671832785811_871096828_n_zps8c063205.jpg photo 1383974_10151671833915811_2141286108_n_zps7ae34727.jpg

 photo 1375042_10151671832810811_857183506_n_zpsa1f7d69f.jpg photo 1385133_10151671833740811_1779560700_n_zpsa76ed076.jpg photo 1385614_10151671833970811_821927897_n_zpsc9b3549a.jpg

My favourites were Berlin, Budapest and Ljubljana. But to be honest, it was all pretty amazing. It was incredible to get a chance to experience other cultures and see so many different things. It was a great test of myself and I still can't believe I spent several weeks living out of a backpack.

Since I got back I have been keeping myself busy with various projects and jobs, which I will blog about soon!

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