Saturday, 12 January 2013

Les Miserables

I saw the stage production of Les Miserables in London in December and it was the best musical (or technically, opera?) that I have ever seen. It includes so many things I enjoy in a story. There is a mix of really good characters, and going through a transformation and lifetime of one of them. It involves a historical event, which is always fascinating to me. And of course the music is incredible. 

Now I really enjoyed the film. I had completely hyped myself up for it, which usually does not end well. 
The cast were incredible. I really loved that they sang the whole thing live. It put the emotions of the characters on another level, as the actors could fully get into role. I EVEN liked how awkward Russel Crowe was. He took a different take on the character I think, and I think he did it quite well.

My only gripe with this film, is my gripe with many films. And that is CGI. Most the films I've seen in the cinema (Life of Pi and the Hobbit) are saturated with CGI and I am really looking forward to seeing Django next week, as Tarantino likes to do things old school. I can understand the use of CGI, but I feel that in some instances, it can be distracting, which is a shame.

Other than that, I am back at university now. I will really try and post here more often. My current project is Animal Farm. I am also making corsets and stuff. Hopefully I will have something to post soon!

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