Sunday, 14 September 2014

14 09 14

Last night my art show closed, and what a week it has been! Thank you to everyone that came and supported me, and for those who couldn't make it, here is the artwork that I still have up for sale.

Photo Squares
Available as 12"x12" prints
Other sizes available on request 

 photo 00_zps35be49b9.jpg

'Primitive Futures' - £50 ONLY 4 LEFT

 photo 01_zpsa813a6af.jpg

'Writing on the Walls' - £50 ONLY 3 LEFT

 photo 03_zpsfcb9ccb2.jpg

'The Great Divide' - £50 ONLY 4 LEFT

 photo 04_zps0e6ec75c.jpg

'The Eternal Void' - £50

 photo 09_zps7a7db74d.jpg

'On Solitude' - £50

 photo 20_zpsb95e891a.jpg

'Moonrise' - £50

A4 Original Artworks

 photo 290814-4_zps7ed66307.jpg

'Babooshka' - £100

 photo 290814-2_zps213ab6c5.jpg

'Moon Monkeys' - £100

 photo 290814_zps237c0b2f.jpg

'Man Walking a Dog' - £100

 photo 290814-3_zps654a7c70.jpg

'Golden Syrup' - £100
 photo 290814-1_zps12e53cc1.jpg

'I've Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine and a Bag Full of Rain' - £100 SOLD

Original acrylic on A2 canvas

 photo 001_zps72e13a2f.jpg

'The Vast Expanse of Happiness' - £150

 photo 002_zpsc3813794.jpg

'Freya' - £150 SOLD

 photo 003_zpse248e001.jpg

'Tic Tac Mountain' - £150

 photo 004_zps3a84bb16.jpg

'Mindscape' - £150

 photo 005_zps3918184d.jpg

'It's Nice Out Here' - £150

For all questions and purchases, please email

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