Wednesday, 20 August 2014

20 08 14

A few months ago my flatmate, Loren, frivolously stated that she really wanted a Renaissance style portrait of herself. And I guess this has been a lesson for her to be careful what she wishes for, because of course, I actually went and painted her one.

Last night was the grand unveiling. We all wore our finest clothes, Nicholas cooked an extravagant Polpo meal, Alex made a champagne punch bowl, and Doug provided classical music and kindled a digital fire. Not to mention we had our new sofas delivered earlier that day, creating an abundance of furnishings. It was quite an evening, and one we will surely hold dear for the rest of our days. Loren cried.

Here are some photos of the evening, along with the actual painting. Some of them are pretty dark, but that's just due to the ambiance of the affair. Enjoy!

 photo 10509638_10204542513102618_2719283255175048568_n_zpsabb14695.jpg

 photo 10609706_10204542507022466_8668101503889586345_n_zpsf5f08684.jpg photo 1979731_10204542509542529_4369928100036049512_n_zpsb08a1da0.jpg

 photo 10580335_10204542503662382_70634586_n_zpsb15f4f35.jpg

 photo 10622339_10152258666865811_1648610995_n_zpsdbb63373.jpg photo 10602805_10204542503582380_1880754093_n_zps4022a5e8.jpg

 photo IMG_6827_zpsbd2e5903.jpg

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