Saturday, 14 June 2014

14 06 14

Hello, Strangers! It has been a while.

Another term has graced us and departed, and I have now finished my second year of university, and what a ride it has been. This term was the Film Unit, and the text was F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent horror, Nosfertatu (basically Dracula). We were redesigning it as if it were being remade by Peter Greenaway, and the character I designed for was Hutter (aka, Jonathan Harker).  

The term went disgustingly quickly, and I couldn't really tell you where I have been all this time. But here we are! I haven't yet decided if I am happy with the outcome; I think I'm not over the joy of it being done yet. I can't say this is my finest photography work though, but here it is!

 photo 10461867_10152450998546291_77808919_n_zps5e14f062.jpg photo 10437227_10152451012216291_1915165788_n_zps34cc23b3.jpg
 photo 10477323_10152451004326291_525853204_n_zps5159b556.jpg photo 10475242_10152451000881291_658805948_n_zps8c6691f2.jpg

 photo 10449557_10152451023351291_1300682756_n_zps01552da7.jpg photo 10456199_10152451011461291_1680090125_n_zps689df2c0.jpg

Hair, makeup and prosthetic by Steph Armer
Modeled by Jacob Wesley
Thank you! 

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