Monday, 31 March 2014

31 03 14

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and this year we all went to the zoo. I had a great day larking around with my camera, but didn't anticipate how quickly I would go through a reel of film. I had run out by the time we reached the aquarium. I was in such a daze over all the colours, so like the complete amateur I am, I whacked out the iPhone.
 photo 1977157_10151992933890811_435745582_n_zpsda605aed.jpg

 photo 1525490_10151992934600811_199322806_n_zps9299c5e3.jpg

 photo 603582_10151992933710811_1417957342_n_zpsae05dcb8.jpg

 photo 971803_10151992933640811_1587770628_n_zpsc89bab4c.jpg

 photo 1536698_10151992934695811_57363393_n_zps05e4499e.jpg

 photo 1495475_10151992933805811_596793323_n_zpsad4844c6.jpg

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