Tuesday, 25 March 2014

25 03 14

Well what can I say? The last few days have been insane, but in the best possible way. (Disregarding the state of the London Underground this morning, because that was a mess that I never want to experience again.) I am absolutely shattered and really looking forward to having a night off.

In an attempt to build a more up to date portfolio, I've started off a series of digital film illustrations. I can't tell whether this is going to really be an ongoing thing or not, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I've started off here with The Wolf of Wall Street and The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latter of which won a small competition hosted by Picture House Cinemas! I've included my original sketches, because I think they're kinda fun too.

 photo wolf_zpsc8576489.jpg
 photo wolf1_zpsfa7d7db2.jpg

 photo 230314-8_zpsc7bdbd62.jpg
 photo Agatha_zps36e24dc6.jpg

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