Monday, 12 September 2011

First Week At CSM

Right, so I really wanted to start this blog last week, but I spent far too long dithering about with my username and setting up my page.

So my first week at Central St Martins was manic, but thoroughly enjoyable. My first project was in 3D Design. Now I've never studied 3DD so I was kinda thrown in the deep end.
My verdict? Not my calling.
I love drawing. Like, really love drawing. But making? Not really. Whilst it was fun, and I learnt a lot during the week, it just highlighted that 3DD isn't for me.

For those who don't know how a Foundation course works. Basically it's a year course that art students are advised to study on before applying for a degree. So it's time to experiment in all the different aspects of art. So at CSM we get to look at 3DD, Graphic Design, Fashion and Textiles Design, Fine Art and Performance Design. And in each of these sections, there are smaller pathways, which we eventually have to narrow down to. So like, I'm pretty set on studying Graphics Illustration. However I am really looking forward to trying everything out.

So for 3DD, we went out in groups around the area surrounding the college with out sketchbooks, and drew the exterior architecture. Lucky for us, it decided to tip it down when it was our turn, so my drawings got soaked through, which was probably for the better. I decided to revist the locations the next day when it was dry and define my work. Back in class, we used these drawings to contruct 3D models. Just any kind of abstract model we liked. And then finally we developed the 3D models into either a product, a spacial intervention or something to go on the body. It turned out that most of my class decided to make something for the body. And typically, I had to be different and designed a product. So whilst everyone was making these fantastic body pieces, I was making a lampshade. It was a very pretty lampshade if I do say so myself..

Ideally it would be made out of metal, but I wasn't able to use metal. So I had to make do with card and masking tape!

It was definitely an interesting week. Especially going from doing nothing for months to having to commute to London every day. Well, not every day. I had a day off on Wednesday, but I took that oppurtunity to meet up with James in London. And I would uuuusually have Fridays off but we had to go in because we started the project a day late. Not to mention I work Saturdays and Sundays, so I'm exhausted now.

I'm sure I'll update this tomorrow with my Graphic Design adventures~

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